Re-collection     Art, New Media, and Social Memory

By Richard Rinehart and Jon Ippolito

Three specters haunt the digital cabinets of the cultural heritage sector: death by institution, death by law, death by technology. This book explains our options. Read it if you want to prevail.

Bruce Sterling

This book will arrive like a bombshell in the twin citadels of art museums and conservation departments...incredibly interesting and compelling narrative.

John G. Hanhardt, Senior Curator of Film and Media arts at the Smithsonian and former curator at the Guggenheim and Whitney museums

Far from simply bemoaning the entropy of our times, this book offers a bold and inspiring manifesto on how best to care for the art and culture of the digital age.

Alexander R. Galloway, author of The Interface Effect

A virtual Swiss Army knife of what should be done to prevent digital degradation. Curators, conservators, archivists, collection managers, programmers, lawyers, creators, and dealers alike will benefit the future by committing these principles and lessons to memory.

Steve Dietz, Founding Curator, New Media Initiatives, Walker Art Center

With fellow digi-trailblazer Jon Ippolito, Rinehart has penned what will be the first book dedicated to the subject of conserving new media art.


Re Collection CoverRe-collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory is the first academic book on new media preservation. Its authors make a startling claim: that the historical record of our era will be unretrievable without a drastic change in the technologies, institutions, and laws that now govern cultural preservation. Weaving theory into practice, Re-collection spells out much-needed, real-world approaches to preservation along with their theoretical foundations and implications.

Written by two internationally acknowledged trailblazers in the field, Re-collection includes extensive case-studies of specific digital and media art works in the collections of museums and collectors that have been the focus of experimentation and research by the authors and their colleagues directly in the preservation effort.

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