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Educational Resources

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Want to learn more about digital preservation, media conservation, museum studies, or new media art? Try these resources from the book Re-Collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory.

They include an interactive infographic, quiz, and badge-based tutorials on digital preservation.

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Re Collection Icon Grid SmaAn interactive guide to the book's recommendations for preserving digital culture, organized by stakeholder.

Interactive infographic

Re-collection quiz

Re Collection Quiz Screenshot SmaAn interactive quiz on examples from the book, organized by chapter.

Interactive quiz

Diagnose Dead MediaDiagnose dead media

Learn how a seemingly archival medium can be vulnerable to obsolescence on many levels.

Interactive tutorial

Four Preservation StrategiesFour preservation strategies

Learn four preservation strategies--storage, migration, emulation, and reinterpretation.

Interactive tutorial

History of StorageHistory of storage

An overview of the history and technology of digital storage, from floppy disks to DNA. The lecture also covers several techniques for making storage more reliable, from external backups to RAID to cloud storage.

Interactive tutorial

Three Types of EmulationThree types of emulation

Learn three types of emulation that are useful as a preservation strategy, including hardware-for-hardware, software-for-software, and software-for-hardware.

Interactive tutorial

Generation EmulationGeneration emulation

Learn how artists and curators use emulators to resurrect old platforms and hack vintage games for creative ends (based on 2004 Guggenheim panel discussion).

Interactive tutorial

Daisychain EmulatorsDaisychain emulators

Nesting emulators inside other emulators to resuscitate ancient software programs.

Interactive tutorial

Emulate a vintage gameEmulate a vintage game

Learn how to emulate a vintage game with a contemporary computer

Interactive tutorial

Variable Media BehaviorsVariable media behaviors

Learn how categorizing creations by media-independent 'behaviors' can accommodate a wider range of technological and performative works than categorizing them by medium alone.

Interactive tutorial